What I will miss most about Aberystywth

Aberystwyth: a little market town on the West coast of Wales. Home of the National Library of Wales, gorgeous sunsets and Aberystwyth University. After living in the bubble for three years, there are many things that I will miss about the quirky town.

1. Seeing my best friends every day

From my best girlfriends, to my course mates and housemates, I will miss the genuinely brilliant people that I have been graced with knowing whilst living in Aberystwyth. They’ve seen me through major stages of my life and I wouldn’t be who I am without them.

2. Leaving the house or going out and being guaranteed to see at least seven people you know

I love that you can go out for half an hour and end up chatting away with the various people you meet on your doorstep.

3. How you can go on a night out on a tenner and come back with change

Seriously. Pre-drink, Yokos early stamp entry £1, £1 party in Varsity, £2 Vodka and Coke in Harleys, £1 shots, £3.60 Lip Lickin’ Chicken meal, £1 taxi share = £9.60.

4. The classic Aber sunset, with the hundreds of Starlings that accompany it


Enough said.

5. The view from pretty much any hill you walk up


Again, enough said.

6. Lip Lickin’ Chicken after a night out

Nothing beats the cheap chicken and chips and the fastest moving queue at 4am.

7. Being secluded from the rest of the UK

Three and a half hours from Birmingham. Six from London. Nothing for miles apart from fields and small villages.


8. The fact that nothing can stay a secret in Aber

Yeah, guaranteed all your friends will know by the next day: someone will see someone and news travels like wild fire.

Aber is such a fantastic place to live, and nothing compares to the sleepy town. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful, amazing place to grow as a person and live whilst studying.

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