The Power of Friendship

the girls

I have been graced with many friends throughout my twenty one years. From primary school to university, I have been fortunate enough to meet some of the most extraordinary, amazing people in my life.

At school I met the girls that remain some of my best friends, and although I do not see them every day, I know they are only a phone-call away. They are some of the most intelligent, well-rounded, beautiful women I have ever met, with so much ambition and strength of character. I am so lucky to have them in my life.

Now that I have just left university, I have had to say goodbye (for now) to many close friends. Two in particular have become my family here, but are moving to a different city.

Batman: You are one of the most feisty, sassy and confident women I know, yet with one of the softest hearts. Never lose that ambition and drive that you have always shown, you will be a success in whatever you field you enter, with your tenacity and crazy good leading skills. Remember: Always compromise, but never settle ;). Thank you for always telling me how it is, without dancing round the subject of idiot boys, or silly mistakes. Thank you for your classic jibs and always being my selfie-buddy when I needed you ;).

Robin: I don’t think you realise how beautiful you really are. The fact that I just wrote that (I know) will probably make you shudder, but it’s true. Your constant support will always be appreciated, as well as your ability to make me burst out laughing over something silly you say. My classic film and music buddy, every-time I watch When Harry Met Sally/Meet Me In St Louis/any classic film I will think of you and your half-correct line reciting ;). Thank you for being the sensible (on occasion ;)) voice of the group and always believing the opposite opinion, purely on the basis that it was the ‘different’ one to me and Batman :P. Always keep going: you’ve come so far, I know that you will do well.

It sounds ridiculously cheesy/corny/soppy, but saying ‘goodbye for now’ proved to be one of the hardest tasks, and it genuinely broke my heart. After seeing you girls’ faces every-day, it’s going to be so hard not just rocking up at your house without a moment’s notice, or keeling over laughing over absolutely nothing. I wouldn’t have been able to make it through university without your constant support and love. There are so many memories that I will treasure, and no doubt many more yet to be made in the future.

True friends will be there for you through it all. Through heartache and break-ups, through some of the most happy times in your life: they’ll help you through, no matter how many bad decisions or mistakes you make.

At the heart of a friendship is loyalty: a true friendship will be one where you don’t need to talk every day, you don’t need to be constantly up-to-date with their lives, but know that if you need them, they’ll be there, and nothing will have changed. I love you all so much, this isn’t the end of the story, merely the end of a chapter.

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