The Fear of Getting your Heart Broken

heart broken

Relationships can be exciting, fulfilling and fun, however for even the biggest romantic, in the back of your mind lingers the little voice of cynicism warning you about letting your guard down and running the risk of getting your heart broken.

For those who are all too familiar with the feeling of losing someone, and the time it takes to get over, letting someone new in can prove a little challenging, especially if you’re in a really good place in your life.

In an ideal world, going with the flow and accepting what happens as it happens would be perfect, however just because you know that’s the best thing to do, doesn’t mean you’ll do it.

Just because you know you shouldn’t feel scared, doesn’t mean you don’t.

In all honesty, I never thought I’d become one of those people who was afraid to fall in love – I am a self-confessed lover of romance, romantic comedy films, love songs and was always a little girl obsessed with Disney princess films where the princess would meet her prince and live happily ever after.

Years on, it would seem that experience has meant my idealised view of the world has become tainted, and unintentionally and completely unconsciously I have found myself starting to freak out about letting my guard down and allowing myself to develop feelings.

When you become aware that the relationship you have may have a predefined expiration date, the concept that you may find yourself yet again in a vulnerable position is exceptionally daunting. Unfortunately, it would seem the harder you try not to develop feelings for someone, the more naturally it seems to happen.

However, I have come to the conclusion you should always keep your heart open. Despite being scared, regardless of the pain that it may bring, if you are lucky enough to experience real, raw love, you will realise that it is the most irreplaceable feeling, comparable to nothing in the world.

Why miss out on that, when the only thing stopping you is a ‘what if?’

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