7 Types of People to Avoid When Dating

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The Empty Promiser

They say they’ll take you to dinner; they say they’ll meet your friends; they say they’ll remember your birthday… but it’s all a lie. This type of person loves to say they’ll do things, but in reality when it comes to actually doing it, they seem to fail miserably. Symptoms of dating this type may include constant disappointment.

The One That Toys With Your Heart

From the outset, you feel like this person really has your best interests at heart; however you soon realise that manipulation is actually this person’s finest skill. Commonly known as ‘The Game Player’ this type of date will mess you around until you are dizzy with confusion, and make YOU feel like the crazy person.

The Unreliable One

Picture the scene: you’ve organised to meet up, you’re waiting at the meeting place, you’re on time. Then you receive a text saying, without apology, that they will be an hour late. Over and over again, you give them more chances, but reliability just isn’t their strong suit, and they don’t feel the need to apologise for inconveniencing you. Enough said.

The Clinger

We all know this type of person… They want constant attention, wonder why you haven’t replied to their text because it’s been a WHOLE three minutes, become dependent on you and are generally really needy. Being entirely dependent on someone and taking up the entirety of their time is not healthy for a relationship. Every couple needs space from one another occasionally!

The Psycho-Possessive

Sometimes related to The Clinger, the psycho-possessive is the jealous type who demands to know your passwords, browse your phone/Facebook and doesn’t let you have friends of the opposite sex. The psycho-possessive is inherently linked to the lack of trust. Whether it be warranted or not, this type of person can be detrimental to your mental health and social life, so tread carefully!

The Narcissist

A self-obsessed person who doesn’t seem to care about you or your feelings, the narcissist is selfish in the bedroom, as well as in pretty much every other aspect of your life. You deserve to be part of an equal team, with both of your needs satisfied, so don’t let yourself be walked over! It’s perfectly acceptable for you to be selfish on occasion!

The Abusive

In all seriousness, this is potentially the worst type of person you could date. Not only is it unhealthy for a relationship to be abusive, whether it be physical or emotional, it is also dangerous. You are beautiful, strong and should NEVER have to put up with any form of abuse. If you feel like this is something you can relate to, make sure you talk to a friend or family member who you trust to help you.

This is just a selection of people that should be avoided when dating, you may even find that people can be categorised into multiple sections. Love yourself and know what works for you. Don’t let yourself be walked over: you deserve the very best, so aim for the stars!

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