Take Me Back To Uni Please?


Nothing quite compares to the intense FOMO feeling you get when browsing your Facebook newsfeed this time of year. For many students, it’s fresher’s week: a time for boozing, partying, meeting new friends and generally realising how fun independence is. But for us graduates it’s a time for reminiscing on some of the best moments of our lives.

Not to mention the realisation that we won’t be going back to the place we called our home for three years, or seeing the friends we love every day, or spending our days sleeping and our nights drinking, with no consequence other than being hungover.

Oh dear. It’s all become very real.

Despite working, somehow it has only really occurred to me now that the amazing group of people I spent a large chunk of my life with will not be reuniting this month to embark on another year of working hard and playing hard.

Put simply: I miss it already. I miss Aberystwyth with the sea, the hills, the isolation and security, knowing everyone, Yokos and, dare I say it, Lip Lickin’ Chicken.

I am exceptionally envious of those returning, but excited for those going to experience university for the first time. My little sister will be starting her first term at Warwick in a few weeks, and I know she will have such an amazing time.

As for me and the thousands of graduates who join me, it’s into the real world for good. But we mustn’t consider the best days of our lives in the past – we have so much to look forward to, this is just a new chapter!

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