Why Every Man Should Date An Independent Woman

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Why Every Man Should Date An Independent Woman:

She’s self-reliant

Being in a relationship adds to her life. She doesn’t need someone to cure her loneliness. She makes her own plans, has her own goals but loves having an equal partner who admires her strength and adds to her happiness. 

Feeling suffocated is a rarity 

At times, you may even question if she’s actually interested or needs you, due to her ability to function perfectly well on her own. You find yourself wanting to be with her because your desire for each other is based on fun and chemistry rather than an absolute need to be together for the sake of it.

Financial support? No thanks!

She’d feel weird about it, especially when you first start dating. She’ll certainly appreciate when you pay the bill, but only when it’s a gesture of kindness. She’s got her own means to make money – a desire to be financially independent was ingrained in her a long time ago.

She has goals, aims and ambitions

She refuses to play games and has her priorities straight. She’s also not going to base her career decisions on anyone else but herself, not until she’s married or has a good reason to incorporate another person into changing her plans.

Actions speak louder than presents

Flattery, chocolates and jewellery are always nice, but she doesn’t need them to feel good about herself. She wants someone ready to show up and prove his interest in her without messing around or sending mixed signals.

She’s confident enough to walk away if she’s not getting what she needs.

She knows she deserves it. She’ll force you to be the best person you can be, because that’s what she demands. You’ll find yourself able to be yourself as that is just how she likes you.

She has her own opinions and won’t necessarily agree with you..

She won’t agree, or even pretend to agree with you when you’re clearly wrong. Opinionated is not the same as argumentative, so whilst she may hate confrontation, she is willing to debate with you on issues small and large. She opens your mind to new perspectives, but will never force you to agree with her.

Time out to pursue her own interests is necessary

She’s part of a club, has activities outside of work, and regularly has girly nights in. She may even be obsessed with a TV programme or five that you’ll never understand. This will leave you time to do your own thing too.

She understands you have your own interests

It’s not that she doesn’t want to spend time with you – she really appreciates your time together. She merely understands that you have separate interests and people in your life that make you part of who you are. She supports that rather than feeling threatened by it.

Her decision to be in a relationship with you is based on want, not need

She’s a mature, independent goddess and she’s chosen to be with you. She makes you feel loved, challenged and valued without feeling forced. Your time together is relaxing and playful because it doesn’t feel like work to keep her happy.



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