Learning To Juggle (Everything Life Throws At You)


With so much to do, and so little time, life often pushes us into situations where we are compelled to handle a lot all at once. Commitments, priorities, work, social activities, you name it – invariably when you have lots to juggle, you struggle.

Please do excuse the rhyme.

Things may start to slip, and you find yourself giving up things you enjoy, in place of priorities. At some points it proves exceptionally difficult: trying to squeeze in everything you want to do, amongst all the things you have to do.

What we have to remember is that trying to fit everything in, and struggling, doesn’t mean we’re weak: it means we care for something enough to push ourselves to the limits to achieve it. Struggling doesn’t mean we’re any less strong, and neither is feeling vulnerable occasionally.

In today’s world, so much more is expected of us, we’re expected to follow suit and have a career, a place, a partner, a handful of hobbies, a good social life, and be happy juggling it all. And if we don’t, we beat ourselves up because we don’t have absolutely every element of our lives exactly where society says we should have it – as if we’ve failed.

But you haven’t failed, you’ve survived in a constantly changing climate of uncertainty – especially for young people.

In fact, you should be proud, if you’re learning to juggle and feel like you’re dropping the ball, don’t give up, at least you’re trying for something.

We are all under so much pressure to do well, from so many angles. And sometimes this pressure can build up to a point where we’re left feeling completely mind boggled and disheartened.

Just as I say in The Quarter-Life Crisis, with the rise of social media, it has never been easier to compare your achievements, goals and individual situation with the people around you. However, the trials and tribulations that surround these achievements are obviously not mentioned, thus harbouring the belief that other peoples’ lives are perfect.

If you’re in the same boat, kicking frantically to stop yourself from drowning, just remember to make time for yourself. Allow yourself to relax and create that time to do the things you love.

Don’t punish yourself for not necessarily having it all together just yet. Life’s a climb, not a sprint: so take a breath and enjoy the journey.

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