8 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas To Save Yo’ Ass

So, February 14th has come around again. Fuck.

For the unprepared or potentially oblivious, this is a day which may or may not be relevant to you. Whether showing your partner or friends appreciation, if you need some really last minute ideas… it’s not too late to save yo’ ass!

Last minute ideas:


An easy win, you can find these all over the show! Supermarkets or M&S are great if you can’t afford florist bouquets.


Grab some paper and a pen, then write and cut out some tokens! ‘This token will entitle you to 1 massage’, ‘1 cinema date’, ‘1 meal for two at your favourite restaurant’ etc etc.

Homemade Chocolate Hearts

Buy a £1 bar of choc, melt it in glass bowl over a pan of hot water, and pour it into hearts on grease-proof paper. Let them cool, and voila!

An evening at their service

Make them dinner, give a massage, run a bath… just do whatever they want you to!

Send some sexy-snaps

Take a few naughty photos and send them throughout the day to get their heart-pounding and face-flushing.

Buy a scratch card

You never know… they may just win the jackpot… $$$

Pick up some prosecco or wine

Head on over to the shop after work and grab some booze – maybe some bubbly or their favourite wine to celebrate.

Pay for a subscription 

Whether it be Netflix or Amazon Prime, this is a easy and cheap alternative to a big gift!

So whatever it is you choose, keeping it simple or going all out, just remember to show your appreciation!


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