“I’m Fine” & Other Phrases: The Confusing Language of Women

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“I’m fine”, she says, whilst looking anything but. We’ve all been there, and it’s not the only phrase men have come to fear. Just what does she mean?!

Let’s be honest here, us gals aren’t the best at saying it how it is. We can natter for hours on end about our problems, or how one of our friends is feeling, but we just aren’t very good at simply saying what we really feel – especially when we’re grumpy at something you men have done.

I’m certain you’re already aware, us ladies have a habit of saying pleasant-sounding terms, but actually meaning the complete opposite. You must have heard a woman say, “I’m fine,” only to get into a massive grump later. Because she was not fine.

Why don’t women simply say what they feel?

There are many reasons we don’t just come out and say what we feel. Even if it would be so much easier – and we know it would be easier – we still avoid saying it out loud.

First, it can be difficult to express your feelings and be vulnerable around someone. It’s also difficult to confess when we’re upset about something we know we shouldn’t be.

So, for you men-folk out there, here are 12 phrases that you should know the real meaning behind…

Remember these scary terms used by women, and you’ll be able to tell just how your girl is feeling.

#1 I’m fine

As aforementioned, ‘I’m Fine’ is one of the scariest terms used by women. Why? Because it does NOT mean she’s fine at all. In fact, it means the opposite. If you ask if your woman is okay and she responds with this, you better have a think about what you’ve done. She’s not fine.

#2 Nothing

This never means nothing. Often, when you ask your girlfriend if something is wrong and she says “nothing,” it’s usually because she thinks you should just know what’s wrong. But you never do. And therefore, she will say nothing when she means everything. Sorry guys!


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#3 Don’t worry about it 

Now, this may seem like a really innocent and simple phrase. People say this all the time. But it’s all about the situation when she says it. Did you just do something wrong and are apologising? If it was a serious argument, you should definitely not take this phrase literally. You should worry. Believe me.

#4 Wonderful

This is something us girls use in a very sarcastic way. Usually it’s accompanied with an eye roll. You don’t want to hear this because it means she’s really not happy about something. The trouble is that if she says this and her voice is absolutely not good, she’s making it painfully obvious to you.




#5 Whatever

I think this is more of a universal phrase than just one women use, but we’re definitely the ones to use it the most. You just have to pay attention to the way us women say this.

Sometimes “whatever” means just that. But if it’s said in a much different tone, it does NOT mean “whatever.” You better ask what’s wrong.

#6 I don’t care

This is another term you have to really read into your SO’s body language and tone. If she seems tense and won’t make eye contact, she definitely does care. She’s basically just too embarrassed or upset to tell you that she does. So, give her the chance to open up.


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#7 What’s done is done

This may also seem like a normal phrase, but what she really means by this is “you better fix what’s done.” She really isn’t happy with what has happened, and it may take a long time to get over if she says this.

#8 Do what you want

This is probably one of the most worrisome terms for your lady to utter. She will literally never mean for you to do what you want. If you’re suggesting something that you think she may be iffy about and you hear her say this, she is extremely pissed at what you want to do.


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#9 Go ahead 

Ah, another one of the terrifying phrases used by women that you should definitely be cautious of. If you ask your girlfriend to do something and she said “go ahead,” DO NOT GO AHEAD. It means that you should re-think that, and then don’t do it. This is not a happy phrase at all.

#10 Leave me alone

During an argument, this phrase will get thrown around over and over again. And guess what? She doesn’t mean it. While guys may actually want to be left alone when they’re mad, girls want the opposite. We want you to try to fix it and to keep talking to us about it.




#11 You don’t have to ask permission

Yes. Yes, you do have to ask permission. This is a lesser-known scary phrase used by women, but it’s still dangerous. There are certain times you have to check in with your girl and ask permission about certain things.

If she says this in a sassy tone, it means you definitely were right to ask her. And maybe you shouldn’t do it.

#12 M-hmm

I know this isn’t exactly a word, but it works in the same way. This is another super obvious thing that a girl does to show you she is NOT happy about something. She’ll lower her voice and go, “mhmm,” if you’ve asked for approval and she does NOT want to give it. Be warned. Anything with this is not going down a good path.



Wouldn’t the world be a much easier place to live in if women just said what they were thinking? I agree… even though I am a woman. But knowing these scary phrases will help you determine just what she’s feeling.

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