15 Simple and Easy Ways to Make your Girl Happy

For some reason, many men are under the impression that it’s really hard to make a woman happy. On the contrary, it’s actually super simple, and there are a few ways which you may not have thought about…

Making a woman happy really isn’t as hard as you think. Yes, we’re complex creatures, we have a variety of different personalities, emotions and hobbies – that’s what makes us great – but no matter who we are, putting a smile on our faces is really easy.

Here are 15 simple, easy ways to make your girl smile – and it’s the sort of thing she’ll recognise and appreciate you for:

#1 Make her feel unique

All women want to feel special, like the only woman you think of. Let’s face it, it may not be true, but making her feel super unique isn’t hard. Confide in her, let her know your private thoughts and tell her she’s the only one for you. [Read: The Simple Secret To Making Love Last]

#2 Listen properly 

Listen, but actually properly pay attention. Sometimes your girl will be spouting about things you probably don’t care much about, but she cares about it, so listen! Engage with what she’s saying, comment on it, and pay interest when she’s talking about her life and day. Don’t just resemble a nodding dog, let her finish and then change the topic…

#3 Notice the little changes

When you notice the tiny little changes she makes, it’s really bloody nice.  She may wear her hair different or get it cut or even just be wearing a new piece of jewellery. If you notice, and you should notice, tell her. Compliment her and make an effort to pay attention to those things. After all, she probably does it partly for you.

#4 Compliment her personality 

It’s all very well telling her how beautiful she is, but what makes a difference is telling her how intelligent / driven / kind / caring / hardworking she is. You can even talk about the traits you admire about her that aren’t her looks. This means a lot more than something she has no control over, like her looks.

#5 Remember the little things

I don’t mean her birthday –  that’s a big thing. I mean all the everyday things which are going on in her life. Maybe it’s a work project, or asking after her friends, or remembering her mum’s birthday.

Remembering the things that are important to her, even if they’re not vital to you, can make your girl happier than ever. It shows you care and appreciate not just her, but all the things in her life.

#6 Be kind

Your girl can open doors / jars herself, she can lift heavy objects and reach high places herself, she can pay the bill herself, but there is nothing wrong with doing that chivalrous stuff I know you probably don’t do enough. [Read: The Secret to a Happy Relationship]

#7 Do things the first time she asks

Women like nagging just as much as you like hearing it. Believe me. Help her out and do that thing she asked you to do the first time, and you’ll make her day. If you have a bit of a bad memory, get on with it as soon as she asks so you don’t have to worry about it.

#8 Do things without being asked

Better yet, do stuff without having to be asked. You know she’ll tell you to clean up after you’ve used the shower, or take out the bins. So do it before she has a chance to. If you see some way you can help her out, jump at the chance.

#9 Compliment her looks

When in a long term relationship, it’s easy for guys to forget to tell their girls just how attracted to them they still are. And while those deeper compliments mean a lot, she still wants to hear that she looks good to you.

#10 Make an effort with her friends

Just like your friends mean a lot to you, hers mean a lot to her, too. That means you being nice to them and gaining their approval will make her extremely happy. Better yet, if they’re envious of her having you, that’s the best of all.

#11 Help when she’s stressed

She has her tells. Just like she can tell when you’ve got a lot going on, you can tell when she’s overworked or stressed about something. Instead of just ignoring it or avoiding her because of her upset mood, do something about it.

Make her a lunch to take to work so she doesn’t have to worry about it. Do some chores you know she won’t have time to get to. Just make her life easier when she’s having a hard time and you’ll see how happy she’ll be.

#12 Show her attention in public

There’s not much better for a girl than showing the world you care about her. It’s as simple as showing her some extra attention when you’re out and about. Hold her hand, kiss her forehead, and just be proud to be walking next to her.

#13 Spend time with her, with your friends

She knows your friends are important to you. If you bring her around them it’ll make her happier than you can imagine. Obviously she doesn’t need to tag along all the time, but knowing you want your friends to meet her really means a lot.

#14 Ask if she needs help 

Sometimes women don’t want to admit that they need help. She could be the very independent type and just won’t want to. So ask her as much as you can. Being helpful and wanting to make an impact won’t be lost on her.

#15 Just try

Women really just want the effort. We want guys to just try to make us happy, to want to spend time with us. Even if it’s not successful, the fact that you’re trying will be more meaningful than if you did nothing. So just put in the work and she’ll be happy you’re actively trying to make her happy.

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The key with girls is to just try and show you’re trying. It’s the simple things that always mean the most. Make an effort and follow these methods for learning how to make a girl happy and she’ll be smiling all the time.

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