Breaking Up

Breaking up is possibly one of the hardest emotional rollercoasters you will ever go through. Sometimes your heart is shattered, sometimes it’s your decision, sometimes it hurts so much it feels like you can’t eat, sleep or breathe. Regardless of the situation, you always need some serious TLC!

From learning to be single, to understanding the reasons why you shouldn’t get back with an ex, this section is all about break ups. It is designed to get you back on your feet, feeling stronger and able to thrive as a single person again.

I’m sorry if you’re going through a breakup, I really am. It’s one of the toughest experiences, but I’m telling you now – even if you don’t feel, think or believe it – I promise you, you will be fine.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, head over to the contact section and drop me an email.

Keep smiling and you head held high – you’ll get through this, I promise!