10 Reasons To Celebrate Your Singleness This Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is upon us, and few things send single women (and men) running for the Ben & Jerry’s faster than the thought of spending another February 14th alone.

With social media gloating, from the soppy Facebook status’ to the Instagram photos of bouquets, chocolates and teddies, there has never been more of a need to provide single pringles everywhere with a little positive motivation.

If Valentine’s Day is the ‘Holiday of Love,’ isn’t this the perfect time to love yourself a little more? To remind yourself of how strong, and spirited, and independent you are? To celebrate yourself and your life a little?


Here are 10 reasons why no one deserves your love more than you and to celebrate your single status!

1) Because whether or not love arrives, you are going to thrive.

2) Happiness, worth and self-confidence are not dependent on your relationship status.

3) You can indulge in your inner workaholic – and not be ashamed of it!

4) Celebrate ‘Me Time’, by treating yourself, whether it be a gorgeous soak in a bubble bath, cooking a delicious meal or curled up with a book or favourite film.

5) Money that would be spent on a meal or gift to your significant other, can be spent buying yourself something you’ve wanted for ages!

6) Treat Valentine’s Day as ‘Appreciation Day’ – appreciate the love that your friends and family give you.

7) Grab your single friends and celebrate together! Take inspiration from Sex and the City, and have a laugh whilst sipping cocktails or indulging in eating tasty food and watching female empowering films.

8) Because you will love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely.

9) Celebrate: you don’t need someone to complete you, fix you, validate you or give you purpose: you do that all yourself!

10) Before you are ready to wear a diamond, you want to become one.

So lift your spirits! Being single on Valentine’s Day can be great – plus it’ll be February 15th before you know it.

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