Never Settle was founded in early 2015 after my realisation of how many people end up settling for less in relationships, dating and life in general.

Never Settle looks to provide a range of outcomes and a way of achieving them – all from someone who has experienced exactly what they’re going through.
It was created to remind people that you should always aim for the stars, and everyone deserves the best.

It is based on the belief that we only get one life, and you owe it to yourself to be happy. Don’t settle just because it feels comfortable or safe. Make risks, take chances, be brave. You just might surprise yourself!

Never Settle is a creative outlet  and all opinions are purely my own.

In 2016 Never Settle was short-listed as Best Sex & Relationship Influencer by Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Long-listed for Best Dating Website in the Individual Category for the UK Blog Awards 2017.


I am a twenty-three year old chatterbox.

Upbeat, optimistic and could talk for England, I love meeting new people and am always willing to have a chat for an hour or five. Although my quirkiness is apparent as soon as you meet me, I am also extremely ambitious, hard-working and determined, I have many passions that I love to pursue and make the most of everyday.

I currently work in film marketing at an Independent Film Distributor in London.

Before this I studied Film and Television at the University of Aberystwyth, Wales. I love photography, art, film-making, writing and all things creative. I also love cats, yoga and anything pink.

Thank you for exploring Never Settle and I hope you found what you were looking for!


Cosmo Awards

At the Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards 2016 with my sister, Jaye

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