Is There Such a Thing as Bad Timing?

bad timing

It’s funny how we have to sometimes suffer through terrible relationships, to truly appreciate a good one when it comes along.

‘Bad timing’ is often used as an excuse to give up prospective relationships, due to the effort, time or inconvenience involved. However why give up something that could have so much potential to bring you happiness?

People you would actually like to form a relationship with are a rare gem amongst a treasure trove of copper and silver people that aren’t right for you. And I have come to realise that wasting an opportunity with someone that you really enjoy spending your time with is just plain stupid.

The easy option is always to use your head: thinking that realistically it won’t work for whatever reason. But why? Why are we programmed to believe that if a relationship isn’t exactly perfect for us right now, then it isn’t worth it at all?

Many people, and I am guilty of it, think too much about the future and consequences, where things are going and constantly question whether or not what we’re doing is ‘right’. A recently significant person in my life said to me the other day, ‘just enjoy the moment and make the most of it’, and he was completely right. I need to start living life for each day and not fretting over whether everything is on a perfect trajectory or not.

Along with adjusting with the rest of my life, from work to where I live, relationship wise I am keeping an open mind. I have nothing to lose: I have time, (some) money and the world at my fingertips. If it makes you happy, just go with it! See what happens and if it’s not meant to be,  at least you can say you tried.

So no more fretting, no more expecting everything to be perfectly in place, no more blaming bad timing – just remaining positive for the future and going with the flow.

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